Chaos At The Heart of Orion
The Law of Acceptance will change your life. It allows you to reverse errors — just like hitting the “undo” button on your computer. It’s a simple principle.

When you recognize or hear information you wish were not true, you simply imagine how you will handle this problem. Let’s start with something easy that just happened to me. My computer wouldn’t eject a disc and because of that I couldn’t boot up. So I said to myself, “If I can’t get my computer working. I won’t make business cards to take to the party. I will get up tomorrow morning and take my computer to a store front in my neighborhood. I’m not upset. I will handle it.” In other words, I found a solutiution to my “problem.” I accepted it. And when I tried the computer, again, it started.

The interesting thing about this is that it works every time. IF A LAW WORKS ONE TIME, IT WILL WORK EVERYTIME. I’ll give you another example: I lost my wallet and I realized I had done about five errands without using it. So I had five places to go back and look for it. So I said, “it’s just money, and I’ll go home and cancel my credit cards. I will be okay.” I found my wallet at the bank with the teller — the best place I could have left it.

So you’re thinking, but it was at the bank all along. Nothing could have changed that. I disagree. The universe knows ahead of time what you are going to do. That’s Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. That time in the universe is relative.

So here’s how you prove it. Try it. It works. I’ve done it so many times now, I can’t count. Want yet another example? My car has automatic mirror adjustment. One night after someone else drove my car, I couldn’t get the mirror repositioned. I tried  it over and over. The mirror wouldn’t move. So I just left it. And said, “If it is broken, I will take the car to Acura tomorrow. No big deal.” And I knew what I was doing. I knew that if anything could make this problem go away, it was the acceptance of the problem. Next day, got in my car, the mirror worked perfectly. You don’t question why this works. You just say thank-you.

I fully believe this could work with a much larger problem  — even a medical problem.  I suspect that if a doctor told you, you have cancer you could imagine a scenario something like this: “I’ll leave my children with my mother. I’ll take time off from my work. On and on until you have a solution.” I believe you may find, you don’t have cancer. Or imagine you do have cancer. The doctor has an X-ray. You say, “I’ll do whatever the doctor says for me to do and if it is a very serious cancer, I will handle it.” I believe you will not have a serious cancer or it will respond to treatment. In some way, the outcome will be better if you apply this principle.

It is absolutely imperative you don’t allow yourself to be upset. That will de-activate the law.

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