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Mark Zuckerberg is worth $7 billion dollars, and he’s twenty-six years old. There has to be something unusual in his astrology. And there is — very, very unusual. Stay with me here. Progressions move very slowly because they are based on a day-for-a-year. For every year you are old, your chart moves forward one day. The slowest planet is Pluto. For Pluto to ever move out-of-sign (out of your natal sign), you would have to have a very high degree or low degree Pluto to begin with. Mark’s is 0 Scorpio 06 Rx. So it’s in the lowest degree it can be in (including minutes) and it moved lower because it is retrograde. That caused it to move into the sign of Libra. Because it is no longer in it’s natal sign, Pluto can now make aspects.

Mark’s natal Mercury is 29 Aries 25 (the first number is the degrees and the second is the minutes). Therefore when Mark’s Pluto moved into Libra at 29 degrees (there is no 30 degrees), it opposed his Mercury (communication). On February 4, 2002, when Facebook was launched, Mark’s progressed Moon was 29 Cancer 28. The progressed Moon squared both his Mercury and his progressed Pluto. This is called a T-square (two planets oppose, 180 degrees, and one squares, 90 degrees, both).

This is a rare astrological event. And even more interesting, it is a negative event.

How do you explain Mark’s seemingly amazing fortune? A couple of things come to mind. Astrologically, I say he did steal something (a lawsuit is pending). He is also a Taurus, the sign that rules the 2nd House of Money. And he is Jewish, a culture that puts a lot of emphasis on money as self-worth. What bothers me is that, if this is a negative event, what will this windfall of money bring to Mark’s life? Because it has an excellent chance of not being happiness. This is crazy money for someone so young. Where do you go from here?

A stable, happy person would use this gift to benefit others. Mark has donated $100 million to the Newark school system, but that appears to be in response to a movie coming out, THE SOCIAL NETWORK. It’s 2010 and it just occurred to him to be generous? That’s six years after the birth of Facebook. Also back to that thing where he may have stolen some or part of the idea for Facebook. All I can say is karma is a bitch. On paper we would all like to be Mark, but let’s see where this all takes him.

Is Mark extraordinary? In astrology, he definitely is. He got progressed Pluto opposing Mercury at the age of five, and he will have it for the rest of his life as his Sun, Mercury and Venus move forward to replace the Moon in the T-Square. There will be those Jupiter periods when he is protected, but overall, I wouldn’t want to have a negative progression almost my entire life. Not even for $7 billion. Seriously. I’ve been doing this too long. It isn’t worth it. Money really can’t buy you happiness.

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Congratulations to Suzanne Porter, our new Director of Animal Affairs.

Running into my old friend, Judy, from Fairview Bed & Breakfast at an antique store in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia last weekend, I mentioned to her that I was working on an article for THE PSYCHIC BUBBLE on Madeleine Pickins and her foundation, Saving America’s Mustangs. Judy replied, “Good grief, are they still going on about that?. Do you remember that burro we used to have at the bed & breakfast back in 1997? He was adopted from that program to save wild mustangs and burros.”  Doing the math (2010 minus 1997), I came up with 13 years! Yes, for 13 years the American people have been petitioning our government to save wild mustangs and burros and so far we have gotten nowhere. We are now down to the last 12,000 mustangs and an unnamed number of burros and are still being ignored by our haughty, haughty government. It took the near collapse of ours and the world’s financial systems for our elected officials who seem to forget where their salaries come from to even begin to address some of our country’s deepest problems. So if you are a horse lover and want the government to stop their position of animal cruelty towards wild horses (mustangs), now is the time to stand up and be counted.

The horse species (Equus) evolved and was indigenous to North America but died out at the end of the last ice age approximately 10,000 to 12,000 year ago. Thus, it seems appropriate that North America be populated by wild horses. The American mustang evolved from horses first brought to the Americas by the Spanish. Starting around the time of Columbus, horses descended from Spanish horses, were brought to Mexico and Florida. Most of these horses were of Andalusian, Arabian, and Barb ancestry. Some escaped or were stolen by Native Americans and rapidly spread throughout the western North America. Native Americans quickly adopted the horse as a primary means of transportation. They replaced the dog as a travois puller and greatly improved success in battles, trade, hunts, and in particular, bison hunts. In the Colonial era and continuing with the westward expansion of the 1800’s, horses belonging to explorers, traders, and settlers that escaped or were purposely released joined the gene pool of Spanish-descended herds. It was a common practice for western ranchers to release their horses to locate forage for themselves in the winter and then recapture them as well as any additional mustangs in the spring.

Since 1900 North America had an estimated two million free-roaming horses. During that time mustangs were viewed as a resource that could be captured and used or sold (especially for military use or slaughtered for food, especially pet food). The controversial practice of “mustanging” was dramatized in the John Huston film “The Misfits,” and abuses linked to certain capture methods, including hunting from airplanes and poisoning led to the first (feral) wild free-roaming horse protection law in 1959. Protection was increased further by the “Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971.” Today the United States Forest Service administers 37 wild horse or burro territories in several western states.

In 1971 the United States Congress recognized mustangs as “livings symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West” which enrich the lives of the American people. And then what did they do? They started a Bureau of Land Management under the now Interior Department Secretary Kenneth Salazar. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is tasked with managing these wild horses to insure that healthy herds thrive. Shooting them or poisoning them is, under the 1971 Act, a criminal felony.

Healthy, adult mustangs have few natural predators aside from mountain lions. To maintain population balance and to make room for cattle, some people say, (please pay attention here) an argument that mustangs are encroaching on cattle grazing land is made though it is well-known that mustangs live in arid areas which cattle cannot fully utilize due to lack of water resources. Horses are better adapted by evolution to lack of water resources and can travel 50 miles a day. They can also obtain adequate nutrition from poorer forage than can cattle, surviving in areas where cattle would starve. The Bureau of Land Management’s responsibility is to determine an appropriate management level of wild horses and burros on public rangelands (lands belonging to the American people) dedicated specifically for wild horses and burros. There are specific guidelines for techniquess used to round up mustangs. One method uses a tamed horse, called a “Judas horse.” (We all remember Judas from the Bible, don’t we?) The Judas horse leads the wild horses into a pen; then the Judas horse is released–job done! And the wild horses, finding themselves penned up, are terrified, rearing up, screaming and colliding with one another. Very often foals are separated from their mares. These captured horses are then offered for adoption to individuals willing to provide humane, long-term care after payment of an adoption fee ranging from $25.00 to $125.00. In order to prevent the later sale of mustangs as horse meat, adopted mustangs are still protected under the 1971 Act and cannot be sold in the first year except when VERY SPECIFIC CRITERIA are met. Smell a rat, yet?

At the moment, there are about 30,000 mustangs in holding facilities, butt to butt, and the taxpayers are footing the bill. The BLM is considering euthanasia as a possible solution. In January 2005 a Congress by former Senator Conrad Burns, “The Burns Rider,” modified the adoption program to allow the sale (with the usual result being slaughter) of captured horses that are more than 10 years old. A horse is fully capable of living 20 years or more. In the 110th U. S. Congress, legislation was introduced to have the “Burns rider” repealed and the original language restored. (We are paying a Congress to do all of this!) The matter passed the house but as of mid-2008 awaited action in the Senate. In early 2009 the House passed H.R. 1018, the Restore Our Mustangs Act (ROAM). ROAM amends the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act to expand criminal penalties and would ban the processing and the transport for processing of “a live or deceased wild free-roaming horse or burro.” There are also increased efforts to assist with finding appropriate adoption homes. At this point I’m thinking — which countries eat horse meat?

Enter the lovely, English-born Madeleine Pickins, wife of a gone-green oilman. On the “Breakfast Club Show,” on www.kezw recently she was interviewed and tells of her passion for saving the “old West,” and how she loves cowboy movies. She is heartsick to know that only 15,000 or less of these American mustangs still exist and she cries out to Americans to have a say in our national history. She tells of her plan to save our treasure, the mustangs. She and her husband have purchased 14,000 acres in Nevada dedicated to the mustang and is requesting an additional 590,000 public lands to go with it to be fenced in as a public sanctuary for the mustangs, no cattle. A park where people could visit would be created. She has been ignored by Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar and BLM Director Robert V. Abbey to have 20,000 electronic emails sent in to petition the government to stop the BLM’s horrific summer roundup by helicopter. Yes, they are rounding up wild horses by helicopter. What part of “Yee, Haa, don’t you get?” This is cruelty to animals in a particularly unorthodox way — not part of the current law on rounding them up.

Madeleine has met their cruelty with creative imagination. She had 30,000 letters protesting this roundup delivered to them by the old American Pony Express. Two ponies with saddle bags delivered the letters to the Capitol. We are awaiting the answer.

Watch for Madeleine and her ponies in the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena on New Year’s Day!

Contributor:  Suzanne Porter, Director of Animal Affairs for THE PSYCHIC BUBBLE.

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This video speaks for itself. Yes, I said Dr. Oz may have/probably harmed animals. But sometimes the message is more important than it’s source.

The definition of angeogensis is the process of developing new blood vessels. Therefore starving cancer’s ability to form new blood vessels could be important to “curing” cancer. Certain proteins, including angiostatin and endostatin, secreted by tumors work by interfering with the blood supply tumors need. Angiostatin is a piece of a larger and very common protein, plasminogen, that the body uses in blood clotting. Endostatin is a piece of a different protein, collagen 18, that is in all blood vessels. Anti-angiogenesis, the “starving’ of deadly cancer cells, is a groundbreaking cancer-fighting strategy.

Dr. Oz, “…a microscopic tumor given a steady influx of blood can grow up to 60,000 times it’s original size in as little as two weeks.

Autopsy studies of car accident that 40% of women, age 40-50 has microscopic cancer…and 50% of men, ages 50-60 have microscopic prostate cancer…by the time your are in your 70’s…almost 100% of us will have microscopic cancer in our thyroid gland. So we can live with cancer. It doesn’t have to kill us. So the question is how do you starve it?”

The 5 anti-cancer foods:

1. Bok Choy. This type of Chinese cabbage contains brassinin also found in broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts. Three 1/2 cup servings a week.

2. Cooked Tomatoes. This fruit has lycopene. Heating the tomato changes its chemical structure and makes the benefits more readily available to your body. Two-three 1/2 cup servings a week.

3. Flounder. This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and low in mercury. Three 6-ounce servings a week

4. Strawberries. The antioxidants in this berry help fight cancers. One cup daily including the juice.

5. Artichokes. There are three different cancer-fighting molecules in this flower. One fourth cup of hearts per day.

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Xtrology blogged on January 24, 2010: “Barack Obama became president because he had a Jupiter progression, progressed Sun trine an out-of-sign progressed Jupiter. Doesn’t get any better than that. It lasted from March 2007 to March 2009, because the Sun is the only planet that moves exactly one degree a year.

As often happens, after a progression to progressed Jupiter, there will be the same progression to natal Jupiter (or vice versa). So Obama will get this progression back in September of 2010.

I’m looking forward to something big happening. But what?

How did I reach this conclusion? There’s a lot of Libra going on. Obama’s progressed Sun, the United States natal Jupiter in Libra’s House (the 7th), and Libra is the diplomat. Then his progressed Jupiter in the 12th (hidden enemies or weapons) in Aquarius (humanitarian and anything nuclear). And we have Pisces and Cancer (two water signs, compassion). Money or Things We Value figure in with transiting Jupiter in Obama’s 2nd and Obama’s progressed Sun in the 8th. And don’t forget, we’re a Cancer country, so we value our family and our homes i.e. protecting them. Communications is highlighted with the U.S. Sun in the 3rd. A transiting Uranus conjunction to Jupiter for the United States could be something sudden or nuclear. And don’t forget, it’s going to be a good thing.”

I don’t know about you, but I was shocked when I heard The Presidential Address tonight. President Obama said, “…American combat mission has ended.” Operation Iraqi Freedom has ended!!! And Xtrology predicted it, sort of. On July 25th, 2010, Xtrology wrote:  “On September 1, 2010, President Obama will have a Jupiter progression, his progressed Sun moves to 0 degrees of Libra to trine his natal 0 degree Aquarius Jupiter.” Xtrology predicted Obama would make a splash on the international scene, and it would begin September 1st. It must be the 1st somewhere in the world (actually it’s the 31st of August tonight).

Let me make another prediction while we’re on the subject:  There will be more good news from President Obama. This is the beginning of a two year progression. As Americans, we have every reason to be optimistic about our future. If you are one of the people with economic issues, fasten your seatbelt, okay, keep it loosely closed, you’re going to see much more than this. But you have to admit, the nature of the news (end of a war?) was quite a surprise (Uranus).

Xtrology is not psychic. An astrology prediction can only know the nature of the energy surrounding the issue. Actually, I was guessing Kim Il Jung of North Korea would croak. But this is just as good. Our men and women are coming home! It’s a happy day.

UPDATE: This morning, 9/9/10, President Obama said on GOOD MORNING AMERICA “…involved in two wars.” I thought the war in Iraq was over?

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